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Volume Theory

Volume is the total amount of traded contracts added together. 

On everytime volume will be different.
Keep in mind that VOLUME shows only aggressive orders (market). 

To fill the limit order – you need market order against it. 

Alts traders:
Look for assets with more than 200+BTC traded volume in the last 24 hours. 


Very important part of trading. Trade assets with enough liquidity. With low liquidity you won’t’’ be able to fill your position.

Volume shows you where the big money is being transacted. 

Volume shows demand in trading – buying and selling. 

Use cases of volume:
– Volume profiles
– Breakout trading
– Trend confirmations
– Value areas
– POCs 

Volume bars

Shows demand in buying or selling – Bigger the bar, bigger the traded volume.
Volume bar color is based on candle – if candle is red VB is red too and vice versa.
VB moving avg is set to 50. Shows avg. of last 50 VB. If volume is going above it indicates more volume than on avg. 


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