Exocharts can be confusing when you first load it up. We have content that will demystify all the data to improve your trading edge. These complex concepts are made clear and understandable through easy to follow lessons.

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On the internet, you will find a lot of trading groups and communities, so why choose us?

We are focused on providing the best most cutting-edge trading education. Our learning section will explain the fundamentals right up to the most advanced techniques and strategies. 

Much of the learning material is based on price action, volume and footprint charting, and is at a completely different level compared to standard retail trading. We are a small community, so we can guarantee you a personal approach. 

We are also official partners of exocharts.com. 

Traders learning, just like you…

Benefit from one of the most feature-rich Trading education platforms.

A complete learning library.

We have organised the learning library to ensure that you can learn the concepts that you need to be progressing in the fastest time possible. You control the pace of your education.

You will be tested!

To offer a true education platform, we have added examinations. We want to make sure that you can understand the concepts to be as safe as possible in a volatile marketplace. This process helps.

Not just videos and a Discord

We have recommended additional study on psychology and concepts in the form of book recommendations that are constantly reviewed and refined.

Level based education

We recognise that you're excited to get started. That's why we have our content separated into beginner, intermediate and advanced lesson structures so you can get started at your level right away.

Weekly Members Sunday Livestream

Every Sunday Jan takes you through the week ahead with possible ‘paper trading’ opportunities. What are the levels to be watching for, this is both a learning opportunity and a potential for a profitable week.

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What our Students are saying...


Trading can offer a bright future to those that develop discipline and a statistical edge. This is not an easy path, there are many challenges that lie ahead, ones you will never expect. the journey is a gift as ultimately, you compete against only yourself. So, we’re looking for only the most hard-working and committed individuals to join our community.

Are you ready to start your journey?