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Session Profile & nPOC

Session volume profile shows profile of one session. 

Crypto session: 24h period from dOPEN. 

Crypto markets are opened all the time, one day is considered as one session. 

Not all markets are open all the time. FOREX is closed over weekends or SP500 index is open from 1330 UTC to 2000 UTC. 

SVP is great tool for spotting the POC, VAL and VAH of each session. 

We use all of these levels as a support and resistance, POC is the strongest. 

Highlighted area on profile represents 70% of transacted volume.

HVN – Peaks on profile. Works as a support and confluence too, always trade this with another level of confluence. 


  • POC from a previous day that price has not returned to on any of the following days. 
  • POCs are usually sooner or later filled – same as a CME gaps. 

nPOC is used for getting in/out of positions. 


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