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–  This strategy is meant for scalpers only!

–  Be in the zone – if you are using this strategy you need to be fully focused.

–  It is good to have at least 2 monitors.

–  All templates are shared in our discord.

–  Use your trading journal to log your trades.

–  You have to be patient! If the trade is not here you just simply not take the trade.


–  For entries use mrk’s levels, VWAP, POC’s, sPOC’s, nPOC’s, VA, dOPEN, Fibonacci and Horizontals.

–  If there is no level, use this only after SFP.

–  When we are hitting level with a lot of liquidations this is adding confluence to enter.

–  Entry with MARKET on 2nd candle open after signal was printed.

–  SL is placed above or below the signal wick.

Take profit

–  TP1 is 5min ACR from session template. After hitting TP1 move your SL to BE.

–  TP2 is 10min ACR from session template. I am closing whole trade here.