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Trend Reversal Candles (TR)

Trend Reversal candles

–  2 types of TR candle

o  trending bar

o  reversal bar

Candle settings:

–  Candle is marked like this: TR44-26

o  TR = Trend reversal

o  numbers means ticks of trending candle and reversing candle.

Trending candle

–  Candle is printed after every 44 ticks in favor with trend of previous candle.

Reversing candle

–  Reversal candle is printed after every 26 ticks that goes against the previous candle trend.


–  Wicks goes against the candle all the time.

–  You will never ever see green candle with wick to the upside

–  You will never ever see candle with wick to the downside.

Overextended candles

–  Candles that are so called over-extended are REVERSAL candles with DELTA and DELTA % that is opposite than candle direction.

–  E.g: RED REVERSING candle with 1.5m positive DELTA with 85% DELTA %.