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BBSS scalping strategy

·  Strategy is based on BB’s, EMA’s, EW’s, Horizontals and Fibonacci levels.

·  Use  3 min TF, if there is increase in volatility (5% or more in a day) switch to 5 min TF.

·  This strategy works the best if there is increase in volatitly. If volatility is small and market is barely moving I would use different one.

Entry signal:

Long: When price closes outside of BB’s bottom I would enter long and my TP will be EMA8, EMA12, EMA26.

Short: When prices closes outside of BB’s top I would enter short and my TP will be EMA8, EMA12, EMA26.

*always move SL to BE after TP1.

For safer entry add horizontals, Fibonacci levels, and do EW analysis. Better to trade with a trend.

Always check overal marekt conditions.

–  If price is breaking throgh a key resistacne on the chart, you wouldn’t be taking short scalp.

–  Same with longs.