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Elliot Wave Part 2

Elliot Waves:


  • The first 5 – wave pattern is called impulsive wave.
  • On of the impulsive waves (1,3,5) will always be extended.
  • Most of the time wave 3 is extended one.


  • The second pattern is called Corrective wave. Leters A, B, C are used instead of numbers.
  • 3 corrective wave patterns:
    Zig – zags


The wave impulsive (1,3,5) is created of smaller 12345 waves.

The wave corrective (2,4) is created of smaller ABC waves.


1) Wave 3 can never be the shortest impulsive wave.

2) Wave 2 can never go beyond the start of wave 1.

3) Wave 4 can never cross wave 1. Deviation is allowed in over leveraged markets such as Crypto.