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Net longs/Net shorts

Net longs and Net shorts

–  Net Longs (NL) and Net Shorts (NS) is an experimental indicator, which estimates the amount of the futures contracts entering or leaving the market. It works only fast OI reporting exchanges (Bitmex, Bybit, Okex, Phemex). The calculation algorithm  is based in the price and Oi fluctuations:

Price UP, OI UP = New Longs

Price Down, OI UP = New Shorts

Price Down, OI Down = Long Covering

Price UP, OI Down = Short Covering

NL/NS type: work only in non histogram mode, defines accumulation period;

Session – NL/NS value accumulated starting from the beginning of the present session;

Visible range – NL/NS value accumulated starting from the visible range;

Full data – NL/NS value accumulated starting from selected candle lookback period, from the chart candle period menu;