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CVD = Cumulative volume delta.

– Running total of delta.

– CVD is simply adding and removing delta together. I love to use CVD for divergences.

Big players and trading with them:

– We want to trade with big players/whales, because they are the ones that are running/moving this market.

– They usually want to enter with limit order, because of fees, and they are actually getting paid for providing liquidity to the market.

– CVD divergences are very powerful for scalping, I would pay attention to CVD DIV on 1m, 5m, 15m TF.

Simply said when I am scalping, they are not so good on bigger TF such as 1H and 4H ones.


– If the price and CVD created high, then you see a reversal and after this another high is created. This high is lower than the previous one (lower high) but CVD forms higher high. What this is telling you? 
= You actually have buying pressure on second high, but there must be someone who is absorbing the level with big limit order (BIG PLAYER)